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/ July 14, 2013 /
Ever since I started working full-time (yay, new grad fun..!), I've been living the life of a quintessential hermit. Seriously. My free time is spent binge watching House of Cards and telling myself to clean my room but never actually doing it. Thankfully, yesterday I decided to actually get up and moving which led to quite the fun day thrifting, eating, and exploring with Matt. I picked up a few cool pieces from Goodwill and Value Village including an S Club 7 album and the Lion King soundtrack (judge me or not, it was the best purchase of the day). Of course, you can't end a day without nomming on some good treats with a side of taro bubble tea, mmm. We explored a nearby park soon after and snapped some photos along the way. 

I have to admit, my favourite part of the day was when a family of Canadian geese overtook the parking lot. Can't beat that!

Shirt by H&M | Motorcycle Vest by Forever 21 | Pants by Gap | Fringe Bag by Primark | Black Platforms by Primark

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