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/ July 14, 2013 /
Ever since I started working full-time (yay, new grad fun..!), I've been living the life of a quintessential hermit. Seriously. My free time is spent binge watching House of Cards and telling myself to clean my room but never actually doing it. Thankfully, yesterday I decided to actually get up and moving which led to quite the fun day thrifting, eating, and exploring with Matt. I picked up a few cool pieces from Goodwill and Value Village including an S Club 7 album and the Lion King soundtrack (judge me or not, it was the best purchase of the day). Of course, you can't end a day without nomming on some good treats with a side of taro bubble tea, mmm. We explored a nearby park soon after and snapped some photos along the way. 

I have to admit, my favourite part of the day was when a family of Canadian geese overtook the parking lot. Can't beat that!

Shirt by H&M | Motorcycle Vest by Forever 21 | Pants by Gap | Fringe Bag by Primark | Black Platforms by Primark

Neither here nor there,

black on black

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Don't get me wrong, I love colour. Pops of red on the lips or on the soles of my shoe can add the right amount of sass to an outfit. But, at the end of the day, my obsession with black, white, and grey trumps all. It's something I always go back to and I do so subconsciously  I've posted some of my favourite neutral pieces below for your viewing pleasure. You can't go wrong with a classic watch or badass platform boots. So what do you think - are classics your go to or am I just a cope out?

Biker Sleeve Sweatshirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim | Leather Watch by New Look | Mesh Bralette by Nasty Gal | Ring by Lumo | Beanie by AA | Platform Boots by Topshop

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/ June 14, 2013 /
Out of this world....there's not much else to say.





/ December 15, 2012 /

I've been MIA lately but now that our winter break has started, you'll be hearing more from me. I recently purchased a massive ELF haul so expect a review on that soon. We would love to know the kind of posts you want to see from us - this is for you guys after all!

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/ November 14, 2012 /
If you're in love with Lana Del Rey as much as I am, you're going to love lana del rey versus the world. It's a great mix of mashups and covers to iconize the musical genius. Have a listen!




/ November 7, 2012 /
A fall staple that I'm absolutely hooked on is the simple yet edgy contrast jacket. It's the perfect mix of bad girl motor style and classic jacket material that makes this piece to die for. Here are a few of my favourites.

(1) Contrast Sleeve Biker Jacket by Burberry | (2) Contrast Sleeve Wool Blend Jacket by Tibi | (3) Contrast Front Quilted Bomber Jacket by Givenchy | (4) Denim-Sleeved Leather Biker Jacket by MiH Jeans

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/ November 4, 2012 /

Meet Matt.

age: 21 years old, but 7 at heart

occupation: student & music enthusiast

likes: things that are old, ethnic food, the smell of burning wood, folk music, tortoise frames, kalamata olives, wool socks, photography, illustrator, falling leaves, travel, crunchy apples, nap time, science, family, laughter

dislikes: decision making, bad drivers, scallops, slow walkers, sock holes, large menus, cold ketchup

quote: "you must know life to see decay." - marcus mumford

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